I Can See Clearly Now the Reflections are Gone

AR coatings have been around for years and were first discovered by accident way back in 1886. A British scientist was experimenting with chemical reactions on glass and found that the tarnish he had created on the optical glass of his time actually reduced reflections.

 My mistakes never turn out that good, but this one led to others inventing a process of coating lenses that helped reduce or eliminate reflections on optical lenses. For many years, these formulas were used by the military and remained a secret of the German military until WWII’s early stages.  AR coatings were used on lenses for cameras, binoculars, microscopes and other imaging devices before they eventually made their way to the lenses in your glasses.

The original AR coatings were relatively fragile and almost fell out of favor for the use on glasses because they sometimes caused more problems than they solved. Today’s AR coatings have multiple layers that make them super tough and some even have layers that help repel oil and water.  Today there are many options to choose from and even the affordable, non-branded AR coatings are tough, easy to clean and help you see better.   

Today’s AR coated lenses reduce or eliminate distracting reflections 

  •  from headlights and streetlights while driving at night
  • from overhead fluorescent lighting
  • from light emanating from computer screens and monitors
  • From sunlight
  • And from any external light source that hits your lenses

Another advantage of AR coated lenses is that they help people see your eyes better. AR coated lenses are essential for anyone in sales, education, entertainment, health care and any other job where person to person communication is essential.

Today we are doing more and more meetings on Zoom and other internet-based meeting systems and distracting glare on your glasses make it even harder for people to pay attention to you. AR Coatings for zoom junkies is also of major importance.

People will pay more attention to what you’re saying if they are not distracted by reflections on your glasses.  When people can really “look you in the eye” they immediately are more comfortable having a conversation with you and can more easily listen to what you are saying.  

With Vision Care Direct, your clients can receive a free upgrade including Anti-Reflection coatings at no additional charge when they see a PLUS provider.  Why not market a vision plan that gives employees what they need, want, and deserve? With VCD and AR coated lenses they’ll be seeing clearly now too.


It's clear that all around us the global marketplace is changing. VCD has an open door for you with insight into the vision plan industry. Succeed tomorrow with insider information today from your partners at Vision Care Direct.

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