Answers to commonly asked questions

How do I log into my portal?

When you sign up as a Broker Partner you will be sent an email communication with your Broker Partner Portal user name and password and information about how to log in to the Partner Portal. If you are already a Broker Partner and have not received this communication please reach out to your Senior Partner Manager.

When people aren’t added or termed correctly, how do I fix that?

Our system allows users to make adds and terms easily  but once in a while when a mistake can be made. When that happens you can either reach out to us by telephone or by dropping us a note at admin@vsioncaredirect.com. We’ll be happy to fix the issue and be sure all potential  billing issues are resolved.

How do I log into multiple groups?

As a broker you now have access to all of your groups through the agent portal on at www.visioncaredirect.com.   Log into the Broker Business portal. Click on the group tab and this will display the list of your groups in the system. You can simply click on the group name in that list to take you to the group page.

Can I get rack rates on the portal?

Yes you can download rack rates from the Broker Portal.  We are also developing a custom proposal generator that will allow you to create a custom quote for a group with the company name, your contact information and rack rates. This system should be released by June 1, 2020.

What retailer do you have in-network?

Currently we have EyeMart Express and MyEyeDoc.  Walmart locations are currently being added and should be available by the beginning of the third quarter of 2020.

How does your PLUS plan compare to the competition?

VCD Plus plans one of the best values in vision plans today when you take cost at time of service into the equation. Other plans may offer lower monthly rates but then members have a high out of pocket at time of service making those plans more expensive overall.  Many VCD members get their exam, frame and lenses including progressive lenses and anti-reflection and pay only $15 at time of service. We can do a comparison for you any time upon request.

How can I get a plan with contacts and glasses in the same year?

At this time we do not offer a plan that covers glasses and contacts at the same time. However, we are the only vision plan that allows members to purchase two or more plans at the same time so that they can meet their individual needs.  In the second half of 2020 we will be able to create custom plans for our brokers and their client companies that will allow a variety of options including glasses and contacts on the same plan.

Where can I download the benefit flyers?

Marketing and promotional documents are available on your partner portal. Please login to your partner portal to access these items. 

Where can I get a Group Enrollment form and employee enrollment form?

New member applications, member change forms and a VCD Plan comparison document can be downloaded at this link https://brokers.visioncaredirect.com/forms/  Group applications are customized according to what plans the group elects to offer so those are created on a case by case basis. Please refer to your Senior Partner Manager for more information.

How Do I Get Appointed to Sell Vision Care Direct?

Go to this  link and complete the form. https://brokers.visioncaredirect.com/paf/.  You’ll be contacted by your regional Senior Partner manager to welcome you and provide more information about Vision Care Direct and our vision plan.

How Do I Submit a Request for Proposal?

You can easily submit a request for proposal by clicking on this link and completing the form.

https://brokers.visioncaredirect.com/rfp/   You’ll be contacted by your regional Senior Partner manager to fill in any details and to offer any assistance you might need.

Can my Groups get Invoices by Mail or Email?

Groups have the ability to receive their invoice via US mail or by email. If you elect to receive your invoices by email (the preferred method) then you will not receive a copy via mail.  Receiving your invoice via email also makes paying online easier, speeds the process and reduces cost helping keep the cost of the plan affordable for your employees.

Can members take advantage of their exam only plan and still access an Out of Network provider for their materials?

Yes. You can take your prescription to any provider that will agree to fill it anywhere you choose and then file for out of network benefits.  We recommend you call the out of network provider to verify that they will accept prescriptions from other providers before you go in. Please note that Out of Network reimbursements are generally less than the benefit than you will receive at an in network provider.   Out of Network requests can be made if a member elects to purchase materials at any online source. You must provide an invoice and complete the OON form found on our website at https://members.visioncaredirect.com/oon/

How is VCD better for members that see a VCD PLUS provider vs. a VCD standard provider?

VCD PLUS providers have agreed to enhance your benefit by providing up to a digital progressive lens and standard anti-reflective coating at no additional cost to you. This may dramatically lower your cost at time of service if you need or want these lens upgrades.  VCD provides substantial savings for our members compared to the usual and customary charge by seeing either o Standard Provider or a PLUS Provider.

What is the  “flexible exam benefit” and how do I take advantage of it?

VCD is the only plan that offers the flexible exam option. This allows our members who may have exam coverage through their major medical plan or other vision plan to still receive benefit from their VCD exam coverage.  Your provider can file for this benefit on your behalf and it gives you an additional $65 to use for copays, lens upgrades or frame upgrades at your doctor's office. This additional benefit is designed to help you receive an enhanced level of products or services and is not designed to provide a refund or cash benefit.  

My doctor is not currently in the network for VCD. What can I do to get them on the panel?

The best way to approach this is to ask your doctor to join VCD and supply the web address or our telephone number. Doctor’s do listen to their patients and your request will go a long way toward convincing them to join the panel.  You can also call or email us and we will be happy to reach out to them. Allowing us to use your name when we recruit them also is very important. As long as the doctor meets our criteria for inclusion we will be happy to add them to our panel.

Can a plan member make family member enrollment changes to their plan mid year?

Yes, if they have a qualifying event such as marriage, birth or death. Other changes can be made at renewal time or at the beginning of a new plan year. If changes to the plan increase the monthly membership contribution, the member is responsible for the full annual increase.

Can new hires come onto the plan mid year? 

VCD adopts the group's policies about when new hires may be added to the plan. Employees will need to check with their human resources department to learn about their specific policies and procedures.

Can a plan member drop the plan during the plan year? 

Members must stay enrolled on the plan for the entire benefit period unless they leave employment or have a qualifying event. Employees may be offered an extended coverage plan by VCD if they leave employment or may be eligible for an employers COBRA sponsored plan.  

Can an employee sign up for more than one VCD plan? 

That depends on the group established policies regarding VCD. If a group elects to allow their employees to sign up for more than one plan VCD does allow that. This can help employees who need more than one plan access savings on both glasses and contact lenses in the same year or add an RX Sunwear plan if needed.

Can  a group mix and match plans within a group? 

Yes, Vision Care Direct is the most flexible plan in the marketplace. Groups or employers can mix and match plans within the group. In addition, the group or employer can offer Vision Care Direct to employees and their families that are not participating in group major medical plan. We are not tied to Medical or Dental participation. 

Can a person/employee sign up with VCD along side of other plans? 

Yes, VCD is a stand alone plan and can be offered in addition to any other plan an employee may have if the group’s policies allow it.

How long is an employer committed to a plan? 

Employers agree to provide payroll deduction for the length of the plan for which members are enrolling. Every 12 months an employer can elect to continue or terminate their plan on Gold, Materials only, exam only and Sunwear plans. Each of these plans are 12 month benefit period plans. The Silver Plan is a 12-12-24 month plan (exam every 12, lenses every 12 and frames every 24 months) and therefore is a 24 month commitment for the employer and employee.

Can employers contribute to the employees’ membership fees? 

VCD can be employee paid , employer paid or a combination of the two. We work with employers to provide the best possible solution for them and their employees.

Will employees receive ID cards to present at their eye doctors offices? 

Members ID cards are available upon request for now, but are NOT needed to obtain care or benefits. VCD is moving toward a more green approach to help reduce costs and waste created by paper ID cards. An electronic version of the ID card can be emailed or obtained by the member by logging into their account on www.visioncaredirect.com 

Is there a waiting period before the plan member can use their benefit? 

No. However, depending on when VCD receives the enrollment information from the group or broker there may be lag in coverage while the data is being entered into our system.  

Are there Group Participation Requirements? 

No, unlike fully insured plans, only those who want the benefit sign up. A group consists of two people and an employer willing to provide payroll deduction. A group consists of two lives in a payroll deduction arrangement.  No other participation requirements exist. VCD can offer several plans at once through the sponsoring employer.  Some employers offer all plans on an ala carte menu allowing employees to choose the best plan for themselves or their families. 

Does Vision Care Direct qualify for our 125 plan? 

Yes, Vision Care direct qualifies for 125 and medical savings account plans. Running employee contributions through those plans can save employees and the company money by reducing payroll taxes.

How are groups billed? 

The group or employer will be sent a list bill on a monthly basis by US mail or email if requested. VCD bills for the coming month not in arrears. Our billing cycle runs on the 25th of each month and shows monthly charges for the plan regardless of what payroll cycle the employer has. The statement will include any additions or deletions that plan members have made in the previous month that occurred prior to the 25th of the month.

Does Vision Care Direct have online enrollment options for groups?

Yes. We can provide an online option for new groups and re-enrollments that will allow employees to complete the form online rather than a paper application.  Contact your Senior Partner manager for more information on this option.

Can a VCD member use their benefit for non-prescription sunglasses if they don’t need glasses?

Yes. Unlike almost every other vision plan VCD allows our members to use their benefit to purchase non-prescription Sunglasses, standard computer wear or upgraded readers.