An Introduction to Don Railsback

Hi, I’m Don Railsback – CEO of VCD.

I’d like to thank you for joining our community.

18 years ago, I was a practicing Optometrist so I know first hand the benefits AND challenges that Vision Care Plans can offer.

Members…(love this) – (dislike this)
And Doctors…

So, you might be wondering why on earth would I get involved in Vision Care Plans?

In 2001, I went to my garage to do some woodworking (a past time I truly enjoyed).

As I wrapped up the last board for the night I cut off all 5 of my fingers – ending my career as an Optometrist.

I had been on the board for VC Plus (a board for Optometrists) for a number of years.

One day, Ron Fiegel (the President of VCD) called me up and said, “I hear you have some time on your hand”.

“I’d like you to join our team”.

Having seen both sides of the Vision Care Industry I told Ron that I’d join his team on (4) conditions:

- The Plans that we offered had to deliver value to the patient (first and foremost)

- It had to compensate the doctor fairly (so they could take great care of the patient)

- It had to be profitable for the groups that were sponsoring the plans

- And it had to properly compensate the Brokers that were selling the plans for their hard work

He said, “this is your baby – take it and build your vision”.

As you know, the landscape of the healthcare market has changed dramatically.

It’s tough trying to stay on top of compliance.

And to be competitive in the marketplace.

….and that’s why we’ve created (what we feel) is a unique approach to working with Brokers.

We don’t JUST want to be your Vision Plan Experts – we want to become the resource that you think of when you want help in growing your business!

Join us THIS FRIDAY at 9:30 am CST to learn more about our unique Partner Program.