Ever noticed that Hollywood stars always seem to be wearing sunglasses?  Is that because the shades make them look cool or because they’re trying to counteract the glare of fame?  

Polarized sunglasses can help with both looking cool and killing glare of all kinds.  

For most of us the discomfort caused by reflected light is reason enough to want the very best in vision and glare reduction. 

“So, how do polarized lenses help stop glare?”, you might ask. 

To answer that question we first have to understand a little about light waves and how they travel.  Light, and especially sunlight can travel in all directions. The problem with glare actually occurs when light bounces off of horizontal surfaces like bodies of water, snow covered hills, highways, car hoods and other reflective surfaces. When this happens, light gets separated into both horizontal and vertical waves. This is called polarization.

Glare is all about those horizontal waves. These waves cause visual noise reducing your ability to see and often causing discomfort. The human eye just isn’t designed to filter horizontal light on it’s own. That’s where polarization causes the problem and comes to the rescue.  Polarized lenses have specialized filters that block light approaching your eyes in a horizontal fashion and allow the vertical rays to get through. 

This magic of science can relax your eyes, allow you to see through water in lakes and pools, improve contrast, help you see better, drive more safely and look cool all at the same time.

Polarized lenses are the choice of pilots, race car drivers, international spies, surfer dudes, skiers, lifeguards, soccer moms and anyone who wants to see better, relax their eyes and enhance the enjoyment of outdoor activities.

The good news is that  not only do polarized lenses protect your eyes from glare, most of them also protect your eyes from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light (UV).  Just be sure to check with your eye doctor, or on the label of any over the counter sunglass you purchase, to be sure that you’re getting maximum UV protection when buying those shades.

Picking the right sunwear can help you feel like a movie star and see like a pilot. That’s a pretty easy way to up your game and  protect your most valuable possession- your eyes.

For more information about all types of sun protection check out this link.  Looks aren’t everything

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